Misconceptions and apprehensions surrounding outsourced management and swim lesson services. We have outlined 5 management misconceptions and provided the reliable reality below

Misconception #1
“We can’t afford outsourced management or swim school school programs”

  • Reality: Between operational efficiencies, risk management, procurement and programmatic expertise, our team and tailored operation models outperforms industry standards to create a cost-neutral or cost-positive results for clients.

Misconception #2
“Outsourced programming or management means we failed”

  • Reality: As architects are hired for the expertise in design or a general contractor is hired for their expertise in construction, a swim school/management company is hired to apply their industry expertise tailored to your facility. Clients choose to outsource management and program model set up to create efficiencies, capitalize on industry knowledge, and enhance performance.

Misconception #3
“We’ll get a cookie-cutter solution from a company.”

  • Reality: We apply industry best-practices, services, and solutions tailored to each each unique project individually as dictated by the client’s goals for success. Our objective is to present a first class presence and operation for the client and the community it serves. Because of our knowledge and understanding of the industry we are able to successfully offer operational and personnel efficiencies tailored to your facility and communities needs.

Misconception #4
“Existing staff will be fired”

  • Reality: As a company, AA believes in setting performance standards and achievable goals for existing and new team members from –supervisor/manager to the lifeguards, swimming instructors, or maintenance technicians. We use positive accountability, a suggestive all in approach from all team members that promotes a healthy culture and pathways to success. This allow’s existing and new team members the ability to become top performers and grow professionally.

Misconception #5:
“AA is going to overshadow my brand”

  • Reality: AA promotes and supports the brand of the client above all else. Clients have a choice to feature the AA brand as much or as little as they like.
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