Aquatic Management

Why choose outsourced Aquatic Management?

Results.  Clients make the decision to outsource the Aquatic Management of their facility for a variety of reasons, from the convenience and peace of mind of hiring an experienced management company to the ability to tap into an entire team of industry experts; but the bottom line is always results. Clients who choose to partner with AA LLC. understand that their results are measurably better with AA than without.

In addition, for many communities AA outsourced management complements School District’s, Country Clubs, Parks and Recreation departments, and hotels, for aquatic facilities. We take on the burden and accountability and creating a successful leisure service or program model initiative that benefits all community members. Outsourced management is the turn-key solution for owners who don’t wish to be bogged down in the day-to-day details of facility operation.

Some of our services include:

  • Recruiting and training lifeguards
  • Organizing and managing facility programming
  • Supervision
  • General maintenance


Our staff is the face of your facility and operation, therefore, we train and prepare staff members to represent our clients at the highest standards. We use the most up-to-date training and certification processes to ensure our clients are well-represented.

Management Team

Our management team sets the tone for our operation as they are tasked to recruit, hire, train, schedule, and ensure that our staff standards remain at a high level. Although the task mentioned requires responsibility, our management team makes your Aquatic Center experience enjoyable. Our management team also oversees background checks, worker’s compensation claims, employee concerns, and disciplinary actions.


Our clients and patrons rely on us to ensure safety is a priority so we proactively focus on hiring and training the best individuals we find, within the communities we serve. Through our evaluations and training process, we ensure that we have the most qualified lifeguard staff. We challenge our workers on a daily basis through our daily in-service and safety audits. This model guarantees our team stays up to date in their training and are prepared no matter the circumstance.